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UTD came to life as a result of the vision of Mr. Felix Martinez, an entrepreneur of great experience in the Bolivian timber industry. He decisively pictured the use of wood from his own tropical forest concessions and sawmills in the tropical region of Bolivia (Riberalta and Ixiamas) for the manufacturing of high quality wood products.

Visualizing the use of alternative tropical wood species in mind, he put together a team of Bolivian and European technicians who designed and built a modern factory to manufacture solid wood doors and moldings in Cochabamba, Bolivia. After nearly two years of construction work, installation and start-up of machinery and personnel training, the result of this visionary idea is MARTINEZ ULTRA TECH DOORS LTD.

UTD vertically integrates all processes from sustained forestry management, raw material sourcing, sawmilling, transportation, kiln drying, planning and manufacturing all under compliance with strict quality control standards. Thanks to this complete integration, and step by step, UTD can assure not only lower production costs, but also the highest quality of its manufacture.

Why Our Products Are Better?

Manufacturing Plant

All doors, sidelights, transoms, moldings and door jambs produced in our 30.000.00 square foot manufacturing plant go through several quality controls checks, in order to supply high quality products. Our products are distributed world wide.

Kiln Drying

Our Facility is equipped with 8 high performance drying kilns, with the capacity to kiln dry 300,000.00 board feet of lumber for our production.

The drying process is computer controlled which ensures uniform and efficient drying of our lumber. Every kiln charge has moisture content readings recorded to ensure the mean and standard deviation of the moisture content is within the required specifications of the end use of the product.

Company Strength

UTD’s success is due to the ongoing improvement of its manufacturing processes, introduction of advanced manufacturing techniques and the craftsmanship of its highly skilled employees and to its careful selection of the finest species in its own forest concession. Emphasis is placed on quality of manufacture and responsiveness to market needs. Most important, UTD holds to the philosophy that a promise given to a client must be kept, ensuring prompt delivery and total reliability..


Our Mission

To be a forestry enterprise committed to the environment and to the total satisfaction of its customers; highly competitive in the production of doors, door frames and moldings for the global market.

Our products are distributed worldwide